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Our role at Leverage business solutions is to help our clients identify, engage, unleash, utilize and develop that talent. We specialize in finding and placing conscientious professionals and senior management for companies across all industry sectors.
LBS Recruitment & Selection

Leverage Business Solutions Partnering your Recruitment needs Finding and attracting top talent makes the difference between winning or losing in a competitive environment. When you implement a new or a modified corporate strategy, or completing an acquisition, many businesses are unable to pause before assessing the competence of the organization and the executives within it. Leverage Solutions helps to identify the strengths and development needs of management teams, according to the company's strategy, based on in-depth interviews which enable internal benchmarking against external competitors. How we work at Leverage Solutions Typically we use 10 to 15 criteria to assess each interviewee based on their Skill (do they have this skill or experience and can they apply it to the work situation?) and Relevance (do they need this skill in their current role?). Scoring each skill on a scale of 1 to 5, they can be measured in comparison to the strategic needs of the company as indicated by the Board before the assessment process begins.

Results of the assessment can be viewed on a group and individual basis to identify strengths but equally importantly areas where the group may lack expertise or experience.